My Therapist and I Should Be Friends

It would be great if I could call my therapist up on a Friday night and say, “Hey, what are you up to tonight? Wanna grab a drink?”. And he could say, “Can you wait till 10? I just want to finish these dishes and eat some dinner here, I’m tired of eating out”. And I would say, “Okay, I’ll eat at home too! See you later”. We would meet at a bar somewhere between his house and mine and we would talk and talk and talk.

He is such a good listener.

My therapist laughs at all of my jokes. He thinks I’m hilarious. I’ll say things like “I mean, I want kids but I’m afraid I’ll have a baby born with no brain” and he laughs and says things like, “ Do you really believe that is a possibility? Does that keep you up at night?”. And I say, “Yes”.

Or he will make a joke. Like when I told him about the girl I knew that was pregnant and didn’t know it (like the famous show Pregnant and Didn’t Know It) and he says “What do these women have a cloaca?” and I laugh and later go home and look up what that is and laugh again at how clever he is.

We really should vacation in Montauk with our significant others, together.
We really should hang out.

If we got close enough I could go shopping with him and finally find out where he gets all his cool socks. How does he always have the most amazing foot accessories? I would also finally know what eye glass shop he goes to, he has great eye wear.

Ultimately our friendship would support the feeling I have that we sit in a room and I talk and he listens and he responds to what I think are interesting topics and he likes that, he would do that with me for free. Right?

*Painting By Guy Ben Ari